"V" The Gypsy Cowbelle - Tribal Pilgrim

In the listening and the reading, releases from “V” The Gypsy Cowbelle are always trips to fresh new places, and CD #5 for her is no exception.  She educates and entertains anew in this spritely collection of originals put together at various locations across the course of four years!


Top musical hands joining her include Ernie Martinez, John Magnie, Johnny Neill, Jon Chandler, saw man Robert Armstrong and “V’s” longtime friend and mentor, the late Liz Masterson, to whom the album is dedicated and who harmonizes on an Amelia Earhart-inspired song “Dawn In The Night.”  Each track has elements to recommend it, but other picks include the saga song “Resolve,” “Long-Legged Cowboy” and the song “East To Go West,” which may become for “V” what “If I Hadn’t Seen The West” has for Joyce Woodson!


It’s encyclopedically annotated in a booklet (and all sides of the cover), so settle back, read and listen!!  “V” is a journey…a for some still a discovery…well worth making.  Fourteen tracks, and recommended.   


CD:  $20 ppd through gypsycowbelle.com, cdbaby or form Gypsy Cowbelle, PO Box 809, Thermopolis, WY 82443


- by Rick Huff

Long Legged Cowboy

East to Go West

Hole in My Heart

Dust in Their Eyes

New Kid in Town

The Store Whose Door Never Opens


The Beach Is on Fire

The Pony

Tribal Pilgrim

Lord of the Plains

Cliché Song

Tears I Cried

Dawn in the Night



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