Kenny Price performs "Super Sideman" on Hee Haw

kenny Price sing Super Sideman on Hee Haw Show.

This song is by Kenny Price and appears on the album Charlotte Fever (1971) and on the album Supersideman (1972).

Kenny Price - Super Sideman

Dig this humm sure pick fine I'm a super sideman lemme tell you 'bout it boss
Now some call me chief and some call me stud some call me hoss but I'll tell you bud
I'll play fish if you can give me scale
Well I've played ever town that you can name probably quite a few you can't
I play guitar and bass and drums and I tote my own mikes
I got forty-eight outfits and a dozen hats drive my own bus if you can dig that
Got my number on the wall at Tootsie's by the Blue Ribbon sign
Now if you got a big record and bookin' yourself you don't need to hire nobody else
I play like a six piece band and I sure sound fine
Well I'm super super sideman that's what I am
Just call on me to back you up if you're lookin' for a band
Don't care if the big is near or far I'll even let you sleep while I drive the car
Super super sideman what I are
Now with all the women I come on strong can't find what I need to bring it along
Take Ruth and Mary and Sally and sometimes Sue
Don't ever worry about you're stayin' in shape
I got these little things here I take
Get me the playin' licks I never thought that I ever knew
Well I'm super super sideman...
I got a sheet of references a half a mile long
Played with Hank and Ernest and old Stonewall
Hat to cool it a little to keep from stealin' the show
So just try me out for a one night stand you'll soon realize that I'm your man
No brag just fact it's the same everywhere I go
Well I'm super super sideman...
(Yeah like what you did don't ye yeah tempted oh I'll take you all out to LA boys
Yeah turn around drive you back to Nashville
Yeah we book out of there that's right ah hah
Hey I even got that over background for ye too ooh ah ooh ah)