Swingin' West Oct 29th

Swingin' West Oct 29th

Track List

                      I.        Theme

             o     10-Put a Little Texas in Your Swing- Mary Allen-Keating & River Road Boys (WTC) (CD)

             o     9- Happy Daze- Chuck Cusimano (Cusimusico) (CD)

             o     8- Your Love Fits Me- Lionel Wendling (French Import) (CD)

   II.        Theme

             o     7- Call Back My Heart Texas Moon- Gaylynn Robinson (Rufus) & (WTC) (CD)

             o     6- Old Town- John England & Western Swingers (Lickety Split) (CD)

             o     5- Lost My Baby Blues- Reid Wells & Segovia 1862 (CD)

 III.        Western Concert- Composer's Corner- Bob Nolan

             o     Hold That Critter Down- Sons of the Pioneers (Orthocoustic Transcriptions) (Soundies) (CD)

             o     Cool Water- Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (Slim Chance) (CD)

             o     At the Rainbow's End- Earl Gleason (CD)

   IV.        Theme

             o     4- Here in Old Fort Worth- Jerry Webb (CD)

             o     3- Let's Make Music in the Country- Mary Allen-Keating & River Road Boys (CD)

             o     2- I Left the Best Part of Texas in Tennessee- Red Steagall (Wildcatter) (CD)

             o     1- Texas to a T- Carolyn Martin (Cuppa Joe) (CD)

     V.        Texas Dance Hall Time

             o     Heart Over Mind- Bobby Chatfield (CD)

             o     A Women's Point of View- Janet McBride & the Nashville Edition (Longhorn) (Bronco Buster) (German Import) (CD)

             o     If I Ever Fall in Love- Bobby Flores (Yellow Rose) (CD)

   VI.        Faded Love- Texas Sand (CD)