Grandpa Jones - Banjo Sam

Grandpa Jones sings Banjo Sam  on The Wilburn Brothers.

This song is by Grandpa Jones and appears on the album Grandpa Jones Sings Hits From "Hee Haw" (1969).


Grandpa Jones Banjo Sam lyrics

I'm a rovin' little banjo picker up from Alabam

Where I used to hoe the cotton and the cane
Well, the old folks they will miss me when they shout for little Sam
And I am not a-(gonna) live with them again

Well, I left them in the night when the moon was shinin' bright
Struck out with a banjer in my hand
Oh I left my only brother and my dear old aged mother
And I run away to join this little band

Well, I pick and sing both night and day, I'm workin' mighty hard
Makin' all the money that I can
When I go back home, I sho' go back in style
The old folks will be proud of Banjo Sam

Well, I'm a-savin' every cent, cept'n what I go and spend
I'm a-goin' back to see them all again
Oh to see my only brother and my dear old aged mother
They'll say, "Welcome home, little Banjo Sam!"

Now the cabin which I lived in was sittin' on a hill
And the mockingbird a-singin' on the tree
There I'll build myself a mansion in that spot that I love well
Let Mother and my brother live with me

Well, when the work is o'er, we will gather 'round the door
Of that mansion, all the kinfolks in a jam
Oh, we'll keep the banjo ringin' and we'll listen to the singin'
They'll say, "Welcome home, little Banjo Sam!"

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