Little Jimmy Dickens - Mountain Dew

Little Jimmy Dickens sings Mountain Dew, on Grand Ole Opry.

"Good Old Mountain Dew"sometimes called simply "Mountain Dew" or "Real Old Mountain Dew", is an Appalachian folk song composed by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Scotty Wiseman. There are two versions of the lyrics, a 1928 version written by Lunsford and a 1935 adaptation by Wiseman. Both versions of the song are about moonshine. The 1935 version has been widely covered and has entered into the folk tradition becoming a standard.



Maintain Dew


My brother Bill runs a still on the hill 

Where he turns out a gallon or two 

And the buzzards in the sky get so drunk they can not fly

Just from sniffing that good old mountain dew.


They call it that good old mountan dew, 

And them that refuse it are few. 

I'll hush up my mug if you'll fill up my jug 

With that good old mountain dew.


My aunt Lucille had an automobile,

It ran on a gallon or two.

It didn't need no gas and it didn't need no oil,

It just ran on that good old mountain dew.


My uncle Mort, he is sawed off and short, 

He measure 'bout four foot two, 

But he thinks he's a giant when you give him a pint 

Of that good old mountain dew.


Old Auntie June had a brand new perfume, 

It had such a wonderful "pew" 

But to her surprise, when she had it analyzed, 

It was nothing but that good old mountain dew


I know a guy named Pete, his hair ain't so neat, 

Though he fixes it with syrup and blue, 

But it stays right in place when he uses just a trace

Of that good old mountain dew.


The preacher-he walked by, with a big tear in his eye 

Said that his wife had the flu 

And hadn't I ought just to give him a quart 

Of that good old mountain dew


My uncle Klaus had a real mean old mouse 

When they asked how it happened, 

He said it was a lappin' 

That good old mountain dew


There's an old hollow tree, just a little way from me 

Where you lay down a dollar or two 

If you hush up your mug, then they'll give you a jug

Of that good old mountain dew


You take a little trash and you mix it up with ash,

And you throw in the soul of a shoe, 

Then you stir it awhile with an old rusty file, 

And they call it that good old mountain dew.


During the last war, we couldn't get no more, 

We didn't have no sugar for the dew 

With a few old potaters and a few ripe tomaters, 

We turned out some stuff, I'm tellin' you


Old Deacon Crane took a trip in the rain, 

Said his wife had come down with the flu, 

But she'll be all right if you give her a pint

Of that good old mountain dew.


Mr. Franklin Roosevelt, he told me how he felt 

The day the old dry law went through: 

If your likker's too red, it will swell up your head 

Better stick to that good old mountain dew

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