If That Ain't Country Nov 6th

In this episode, we're featuring a late Hank Thompson album, in that vintage honky tonk swing style: "Next Time I Fall In Love (I Won't)" (1971). By this time, Thompson had firmly established himself in the legend category and songwriters were lining up to contribute: Harlan Howard, Hank Cochran, Red Lane and Ned Miller all had songs featured on this album, and Thompson delivers with vigour. Steel guitar, those iconic stuttering fiddles and all to a distinct swing beat - this is a typically strong Hank Thompson release, expertly produced by Joe Allison (who was also a top notch songwriter himself - think "He'll Have To Go"). Highlights include the title track, "Everybody Loves A Pretty Baby", the melancholic "The Mark Of A Heel" and some good advice, with tongue firmly in-cheek on "Promise Her Anything".

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