Long John & His Ballroom Kings - In The Mood

Since the 1980’s the band leader and entertainer Johannes-Sebastian Strauss (aka Long John) did back-up Carl “Blue Suede Shoes” Perkins and toured with Wanda “Let’s Have A Party” Jackson, Marvin “Gonna Find Me A Bluebird” Rainwater and several other rockabillies from Elvis’ glory day’s

Strauss established his first cowboy jazz band in 1993. Due to new impulses and demands his recent band was outgrowing of this group in 2007. For info on Strauss feel welcome to Wikipedia.de. 

The band is performing jazz, swing, jive and depending on the occasion some rockabilly, cajun, country and rock'n'roll*). The new vinyl record (03.2017) is on CJRO Records in England, featuring (again) Mr. Huelyn Duvall from Texas. In the past the band did tour Germany, France and Belgium. 

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