Top 5 Western Music Association 2017



2017 Instrumentalist of the Year

Jeanne Cahill

Jerome Campbell

Mariam Funke

Ernie Martinez

Hailey Sandoz


2017 Male Performer of the Year

Rex Allen, Jr.

Doug Figgs

R. W. Hampton

Jim Jones

Barry Ward


2017 Female Performer of the Year

Mikki Daniel

Juni Fisher

Kristyn Harris

Mary Kaye

Jean Prescott


2017 Duo or Group of the Year

3 Trails West

The Cowboy Way

The High Country Cowboys

Miss Devon & The Outlaw

Notable Exceptions


2017 Entertainer of the Year

Rex Allen, Jr.

Doug Figgs

Juni Fisher

Kristyn Harris

Mary Kaye


2017 Crescendo Award

Alice Black

The High Country Cowboys

Olivia Morgayne  scroll down to Olivia's listing

Abby Payne

David Sawyer


2017 Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

Judy James - Cowboy Jubilee & Western Heritage Radio - Weatherford, TX

Barbara Richhart - Western Belle Cow Trails - Mancos, CO

O.J. Sikes - Western Music Time - Leonia, NJ

Totsie Slover - The Real West from the Old West - Deming, NM

Tommy Tucker - The Snake River Radio Roundup - Lewiston, ID


2017 Male Poet of the Year

Floyd Beard

Joe Herrington

Terry Nash

Duane Nelson

Tom Swearingen


2017 Female Poet of the Year

Aspen Black

Teresa Burleson

Sam DeLeeuw

Carol Heuchan

Susie Knight


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