Winners Western Music Association 2017

Winners 2017 Awards


2017 Instrumentalist of the Year

Hailey Sandoz


2017 Male Performer of the Year

Rex Allen, Jr.


2017 Female Performer of the Year

Mikki Daniel


2017 Duo or Group of the Year

The Cowboy Way


2017 Entertainer of the Year

Kristyn Harris


2017 Liz Masterson Crescendo Award

David Sawyer


2017 Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year 

Judy James - Cowboy Jubilee & Western Heritage Radio - Weatherford, TX


2017 Male Poet of the Year

Floyd Beard


2017 Female Poet of the Year

Teresa Burleson


201 7 Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year

The Calf Book - Teresa Burleson


2017 Cowboy Poetry Book of the Year

Ladies, Horses & Cowboys - Sam DeLeeuw


2017 Traditional Western Album of the Year

Cowboy - The High Country Cowboys


2017 Cowboy Swing Album of the Year

Wild Blue Yonder - Western Flyers


2017 Song of the Year

Call of the Canyon - Dick Goodman


2017 Songwriter of the Year

Jean Prescott


2017 Pure Cowboy Song of the Year

Frigid, High and Lonesome - Matt Robertson


2017 Male Yodeler of the Year

Marty Kosel


2017 Youth Female Yodeler of the Year

Catherine Thompson


2017 Youth Harmony of the Year

Kacey & Jenna Thunborg


2017 Youth Harmony of the Year-1st Runner Up

Abby Payne & Carolina Grace Wiseman - A Bar C Cowgirl Friends


2017 Open Group Harmony of the Year

The Hanson Family


2017 Open Group Harmony of the Year-1st Runner Up

Miss Devon & The Outlaw


2017 Marilyn Tuttle Best of the Best Harmony Award

Notable Exceptions


2017 President's Award

Old Chisholm Trail - K.R. Wood


2017 Poetry Contest Winner

Floyd Beard


2017 Youth Harmony of the Year

Kacey & Jenna Thunborg


2017 Bill Wiley Award

Luana Middleton


2017 Pioneer Trail Award

Hal Spencer



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