Caitlyn Taussig - The Things We Gave Up

In listening to Colorado singer Caitlyn Taussig’s new release of predominantly original songs, I was taken by the fact that certain lines seemed to emerge with lives of their own.  An example:  from “Cowgirl’s Lament” comes “we’re all buildin’ walls ‘cause it’s all that we know!”  Torn from the coming headlines…


Taussig’s ringing alto voice is well suited to her material.  On this release she has also chosen wisely her musical support system in Ernie Martinez (mandolin, steel & dobro); CD arranger/engineer Butch Hause (guitar & bass) and him with Andi Weber (vocal harmonies).


From her originals we’ll single out the intriguing “Cowgirl’s Lament;”  “Dad’s Song” (great notion of spreading his ashes high up so he can return with the spring run-off); “The Things We Gave Up” (for miles, sky and fast horses); “Sierras & The Rockies;” “Fence Fixin’ Girl” and the anti-abuse song “Stagger Hill.”  I began to hear ‘tell of this young lady before her CD graced my player, and now I can affirm there was a reason for it.  Recommended.  Twelve tracks.


CD:  (ordering info google Caitlyn Taussig)


- by Rick Huff

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