Chuck Cusimano - Swinging Through The Years

Singer/Songwriter Chuck Cusimano has just released this new CD of 25 selections all from his pen (three of which he co-wrote.) As the title suggests, all 25 cuts are Western Swing from over Chuck's career. The three tunes that were co-written are a fantastic cut written with Les Buffham, Man in the Moon, one of two instrumentals, Happy Daze, written with steel player Ron Stafford and Been a Long Time Comin', written with Donnie Barrow. All remaining cuts were written entirely by Chuck. They include a true gem, Let Me Off in Texas. The other titles are Swing Me a Song, Baby Buggy Boogie, You Ain't Here to Hear Me Say Goodbye, Brand New Tune, My Last Word to You, Wind, Blow My Blues Away, No One At All, Time Off For Bad Behavior, All the Love in San Antone, Gonna Go Dancin' Tonight, San Antonio Waltz, Honey Money, Gone For Good, San Antonio Blues, Nothing Left to Lose, Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane, Are You Gonna Miss Me, Worth the Chance, How Many, Home For the Heartache and the second instrumental, Taters and Beans.


The musicians are some of the best in the music business. Among the many musicians you will hear the following steel guitarists: Gary Carpenter, Ron Stafford, Buddie Hrabal, Ernie Martinez, Ronnie Miller and Junior Knight. Junior also plays Dobro. Chuck and Kenny Penny play electric guitar and Chuck also plays acoustic guitar. Joe Stephenson, Dale Morris, Jr., Jess Meador, Reggie Rueffer and Hank Singer play fiddle. Stan Lark, Jeff "Stick" Davis, Billy Martin, David Mitchell and Mark Abbott play bass. Billy English, Dixie Hankins, Danny Adams, David Mitchell and Josh Rogers play drums and Floyd Domino, Eddie Morgan, Chip Bricker and Terry Bayless play piano. There are also many background vocalists.


This wonderful CD can be purchased for $20., including postage and handling from Cusimusico, 1608 Ross Lane, Springtown, TX 76082. You can also download for $1. a song at www.i2irecords.com


Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX & KTNK-AM, Lompoc, CA

August 25, 2017

  • Happy Daze
  • Swing Me A Song
  • Baby Buggy Boogie
  • You Ain'y Here To Hear Me Say Goodbye
  • Let Me Off in Texas
  • Brand New Tune
  • My Last Word To You
  • Wind, Blow My Blues Away
  • No One At All
  • Man In The Moon
  • Time Off For Good Behavior
  • All The Love In San Antone
  • Gonna Go Dancin' Tonight
  • San Antonio Waltz
  • Honey Money
  • Gone For Good
  • San Antonio Blues
  • Nothing Left To Lose
  • Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane
  • Been A Long Time Comin'
  • Are You Gonna Miss Me
  • Worth The Chance
  • How Many
  • Home For The Heartache
  • Taters and Beans

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