If That Ain't Country Nov 13th

By popular demand (and because your host lost his voice this week), we're reairing a very well received recent episode: In this episode, we're featuring a ballad-driven album from Ricky Van Shelton: "Loving Proof" (1988). Shelton's second album, this release sold over a million copies and cemented the Virginia baritone at the top of the new traditionalist wave. A reliance on covers on this album pays dividends for Ricky Van Shelton - he reinvigorates the Ned Miller classic "From A Jack To A King", the Wayne Kemp tearjerker "I'll Leave This World Loving You" and the Wilburn Brothers "Somebody's Back In Town" - all to great effect. Shelton's smooth croon suited an album full of songs about eternal and undying love, heavy on the ballad side - but any slow points were easily offset by the quality songwriting, delivery and production. A stellar album, and a must have for country music fans of the period.

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