Roy Clark - White Lightning

Roy Clark sings White Lightning on Hee Haw.

 Roy Clark has been an important and influential figure in country music, both as a performer and helping to popularize the genre.

"White Lightning" is a song written by the rockabilly artist J. P. Richardson, best known by his stage name, the Big Bopper. The song was recorded by American country music artist George Jones and released as a single in February 1959. On April 13, 1959, Jones' version was the first number-one single of his career.

George Jones White Lightning Lyrics


Well in North Carolina way back in the hills me and my old pappy and he had him a still

He brewed white lightnin till the sun went down

Then he'd fill up a jug and he'd pass it around

Mighty mighty pleasin my pappy's corn squeezin (whew white lightnin)

Well the G men T men revenoers too searchin for the place where he made his brew

They were lookin tryin' to book him but my pappy kept on cookin

(Whew white lightnin)


Well I asked my old pappy why he called his brew

White lightnin stead of mountain dew

I took a little sip and right away I knew

And my eyes bugged out and my face turned blue

Light has started flashin thunder started krashin (whew white lightnin)

Well the G men T men...


Well a city slicker came and he said I'm tough

I think I want to taste that powerful stuff

He took one slug and he drank it right down I heard him moanin' as he hit the ground

Mighty mighty pleasin you'r pappy's corn squeezin (whew white lightnin)

Well the G men T men.

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