Autry Inman - Brown Eyed Baby

BACM CD  576 Autry Inman - Brown Eyed Baby

BACM have at last got around to showcasing the work of Autry Inman, prolific songwriter and a versatile country performer with a distinctive voice. A big talent and undeservedly nowadays largely forgotten; his compositions were recorded by the likes of Johnny Cash, George Jones and Hank Williams.


- You Gotta Leave Those Other Guys Alone

- It May Be

- Who Do You Love

- Let's Take The Long Way Home

- I Hope Tomorrow Never Comes

- Just Smile As You Go By

- Uh-Huh Honey

- That's All Right

- Pucker Up

- That's When I Need You The Most

- Happy Go Lucky

- It Hurts Too Much To Cry

- Brown Eyed Baby

- A Dear John Letter

- Little One

- Tell Me Now

- Just Reminiscing

- Under The Moon

- Once More

- It's A Shame

- (I'm So In Love) Don't Put It Off

- A Friend

- Finally I'm Free

- Blue Monday

- Look Over Your Shoulder

- Your New Love Song

- Reality

- Footsteps Of The Bride

- Your Maiden Name

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