Swingin' West Nov 19th

A Cindy Walker Composer's Special 

Sugar Moon- Time Jumpers (Crosswind) (BMI/ASCAP)

Don't Count Your Chickens Before they Hatch- Carolyn Martin & Doug Green (Cuppa Joe) (unknown)

Warm Red Wine- Johnny Bush (indie) (BMI)

Western Concert- Theme

Wide Rollin' Plains- Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn (WSM) (unknown)

Blue Canadian Rockies- Les Gilliam (Rockin' S) (BMI)

Dusty Skies- Curly Lewis (indie) (BMI)


You're from Texas- Jim Gough (Tophand) (BMI)

Cherokee Maiden- Walt Roberts (Woodside) (BMI)

Blues for Dixie- Dakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn (Train on the Island) (BMI)


All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men- Leon Rausch & Rich O'Brien (indie) (unknown)

Tucumcari Woman- Segovia 1862 (indie) (unknown)

Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me- Nick DeMaio (Young Pioneer) (BMI)


Bubbles in my Beer- Candy Noe (RRCA) (BMI/ASCAP)

Miss Molly- Light Crust Doughboys (Doughboys) (BMI)

Cowboy Blues- Don Edwards & Tom Morrell & Time Warp Tophands (Western Jubilee) (BMI)

Not that I Care- Dayna Wills (indie) (BMI)

Maiden's Prayer- Jerry Fessenden (indie) (ASCAP)

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