If That Ain't Country Nov 20th

In this episode, we're featuring a sensational live album from Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours: "Hittin' The Road" (1965). On this release, we meet Ernest Tubb's entire band in what many would consider the classic Troubadour lineup, as the album was recorded over several dates in ET's '65 national tour. Natural banter, good crowd interaction and authentic introductions make for good listening - but it's also on this record that ET's character truly shines - he was a man who never stopped helping others get a leg up in the industry, and some of the high points of this album are those Texas Troubadours who got to sing with him. Included are "The Singing Bus Driver" Johnny Wiggins, who finds his way around "Honeymoon With The Blues" better than his position suggests - a budding Cal Smith on "I'm A Sad Lonely Man (That Love Left Behind)" and the drummer with the big ears, Jack Greene on "Afraid To Love". Combined with a smattering of ET's hits, this is a thoroughly enjoyable album.

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