Love That Country Music Nov 24th

Play List

Remedy Club - Last Song

Hardened and Tempered - Dry County

Earleine - Never Settle Down

Blue Plate Special - One of Those Days

Lori King and Junction 63 - I Want to Go Back Home Again

Mile Twelve - Call My Soul

Caitlin Canty - Lost in the Valley

Margo Price - Heart of America

Jon Langford - Fish Out of Water

Pokey LaFarge - Silent Movie

Emily Herring - Getting By

Teea Goans - It Ain't Nothin' (Duet With Mark Wills)

Willie Nelson - Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

Fernando Goin & Yulie Ruth - Te deje partir tranquilamente

Ryan Koenig - Cheyenne

Croy and The Boys - Leaving's the Last Thing

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