Tulsa Playboys

The Tulsa Playboys are Western Swing epitomized from the first note to the last. Drawing on the tradition of Bob, Johnnie Lee and the Cain’s Ballroom, the band is as authentic a sound that takes you back to the 40s. The band features fiddles, horns, piano, steel and standard guitars. Many of the band members have worked with the Texas Playboys, Johnnie Lee Wills, Leon McAuliffe, Hank Thompson and John T. Wills. Their debut album “Swing with the Tulsa Playboys” features guest artists: Vince Gill, Roy Clark, Riders In The Sky, Wanda Jackson, Red Stegall, Billy Parker, Leroy Van Dyke, David Frizzell, Jody Nix, Jody Miller, Billy Parker and including the immortal Bob Wills and Johnnie Lee Wills. As their theme song says, “grab your boots, get your hat, swing with the Tulsa Playboys!”

  • Shelby Eicher - fiddle
  • Rick Morton - fiddle
  • Steve Bagsby - steel guitar
  • Spencer Sutton - piano
  • Mike Bennett - trumpet
  • Steve Ham - trombone
  • Rodney Lay - bass
  • Jared Johnson - drums
  • Danny McBride - standard guitar
  • Evan Alexander - fiddle
  • Isaac Eicher - electric mandolin


Review CD by Mike Gross

This brand new wonderful CD of 15 tunes is the first by this fantastic Western Swing band from Oklahoma.Band leader and fiddle player Shelby Eicher,talented steel guitarist Steve Bagsby, Rodney Lay, Danny McBride, Rick Morton, Steve Ham,Mike Bennett and the remainder of this awesome bunch are joined by so many guests on this album.

The album opens with the group's theme Swing with the Tulsa Playboys and then follows that one with 14 more from the Bob Wills library with guests on each tune. Corrine,Corrina has Vince Gill as guest vocalist and Bob Wills via electronics.Johnnie Lee Wills is electronically added to Kokomo Arnold's Milk Cow Blues.Red Steagall is guest vocalist on Right or Wrong and country music's Leroy Van Dyke on Fred Rose's ,Roly Poly. There are also three gems from Cindy Walker's pen, Warm Red Wine with Wanda Jackson on vocal, the Riders in the Sky doing Miss Molly and the Roy Clark vocal on Bubbles in My Beer.Tim Mensy and Eugene Moles guest on Misery while Fatboy Rag features Bruce Foreman, Woody Paul, Joey Miskulin, Byron Berline, David Wise and Isaac Eicher. Also included is Jody Nix on vocal on Keeper of My Heart, David Frizzell's vocal on Stay All Night, Jody Miller's awesome vocal on Faded Love and Billy Parker's class warbling on I Knew the Moment I Lost you. The album closes with Becky Hobbs in the vocal spotlight on Take Me Back to Tulsa.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX and

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