Swingin' West Nov 26th

Bob Wills Favorites


     I.        Theme

           Sugar Moon- Jim Garling (CD)

           Time Changes Everything- Ray Harrison (Country Discovery) (CD)

           The Kind of Love- Bill Stafford (CD)

   II.        Theme

            At the End of the Lane- Bob Wills & Texas Playboys (Vocal- Tommy Doss) (Tiffany Trans.) (CD)

            Four of Five Times- Bad Bob (EH King) (CD)

            My Confession- Steve Alcott (Vocal- Dave Hansen) (CD)

III.        Theme

            Bootheel Drag- Lionel Wendling (French Import) (CD)

            She's Killin' Me- Bill Gilbert (CD)

            Maiden's Prayer- Brady Bowen (Vocal- Leon Rausch) (CD)

  IV.        Theme

            Bring it on Down- John England & Western Swingers (Lickety Split) (CD)

            I Won't Be Back Tonight- Cody Dodson (CD)

            Faded Love- Bobby Lueders Band (Bowstring) (CD)

     V.        Theme

            I Needed You- Paul Main (CD)

            Crippled Turkey- Bob Wills & Texas Playboys (UA) (Bear Family) (German Import) (CD)

            Whoa Baby- Cow Bop (Blujazz) (CD)

  VI.        Lilly Dale- Tony Farr (Farview) (CD)

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