If That Ain't Country Nov 27th

In this episode, we're featuring the second album from one of country's most unique baritones: Ron Williams, "The Longer You're Gone" (2009). Ron Williams is the son of Leona Williams - a marvellous traditional country singer herself with a long and illustrious career, and it seems as though country music was inevitable for Ron, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. After his mother married Merle Haggard for a period in the late 70s/early 80s, and after having lived under the same roof as Merle for about a decade - something must have rubbed off on young Ron Williams. His voice matured into one of country music's most distinctive and unique baritones: there are shades of the greats in every note he sings, but he has crafted his own style, sure enough. This album is a fun and uptempo affair for the most part, including the swinging "Her Heart Belongs To Texas" and "The F Words" (one of several Bill Anderson co-writes) - but it's on the ballads that Ron Williams really shines, including the heartfelt "Where The Tall Grass Grows"

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