Callahan Brothers - Take The News To Mother

BACM 578 - Callahan Brothers - Take The News To Mother 

BACM’s first Callahan Brothers collection focuses mainly on their 1930s recordings, featuring their close harmony ‘White country yodelling-blues’ style. Songs a mix of old time country and Jimmie Rodgers numbers (several of the latter are adapted and retitled, for example Rodgers’ Mississippi Moon becomes North Carolina Moon and Blue Yodel No. 7 becomes I’ve Rode The Southern & The L&N ). Both brothers were accomplished musicians, Walter playing guitar and Homer variously guitar, fiddle and mandolin and on several tracks they are joined by the great Kentucky mandolinist Roy “Shorty” Hobbs.

- That Crazy Feeling

- Days Are Blue

- Dovie Darling

- End Of Memory Lane

- Freight Train Whistle Blues No. 2

- Going To Heaven At My Own Expense

- I've Rode The Southern And The L & N

- Mama Don't Be So Mean To Me

- Mama Why Treat Me That Way

- Ninety Nine's My Name

- O Lord Show Me The Light

- Once I Had A Darling Mother

- Sad Memories

- She's Just That Kind No. 2

- T B Blues No. 2

- Take The News To Mother

- Away Out There

- Seventeen Years Ago

- Rounder's Luck

- Rattlesnakin' Daddy

- Price I Had To Pay

- North Carolina Moon

- New Birmingham Jail No. 3

- My Good Gal's Thrown Me Down

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