Swingin' West Dec 3th

Songs From Spade Cooley by Others in Western Swing



You Can't Break My Heart- Annie b (Abtrax) (BMI)

I'm Going Back to the Middle of the Middle West- Spade Cooley (1951-Radio) (Harlequin) (UK Import) (unknown)

A Pair of Broken Hearts- Windy Wood (Rimstone) (BMI)


Oklahoma Stomp- Nashville Swing Band Under Direction of Buddy Spicher (Secter) (ASCAP)

Shame on You- Ben Stafford Rodgers (indie) (BMI)

Arizona Waltz- Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn (WSM) (unknown)

Texas Dance Hall Time

Footsteps of a Fool- Jody Nix & the Bandoleros (indie) (BMI)

My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You- Susan Rose (indie) (BMI)

Bad News Gets Around- Buddie Hrabal & Memory Lane (indie) (unknown)


Boggs Boogie- Stan Schroeder (indie) (BMI)

Crazy Cause I Love You- Carolyn Martin & John England (Cuppa Joe) (ASCAP)

One Sweet Letter- Curio Cowboys (Ruido) (ASCAP)


Fiddoodlin'- Time Jumpers (Crosswind) (ASCAP)

Hide Your Face- Western Dixie Band Under Direction of Gary Lawrence (indie) (ASCAP)

Spadella- Ginny Mac (indie) (BMI)

Faded Love- Texas Swing Band (PVI) (BMI)

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