V.A. - The Midwestern Hayride

BACM 579  V.A. - The Midwestern Hayride


Through the late 1940s and through the ‘50s, the popular Mid Western Hayride, based in Cincinnati, Ohio featured not only an impressive roster of nationally known performers such as Red Foley, Little Jimmie Dickens and Tex Ritter but also the cream of the Cincinnati Country scene. We have decided to showcase  some of these lesser-remembered talents;  27 tracks, all good solid 1950s country, a treat for fans of the era who will enjoy this selection, an hour of authentic 1950s-style country.. 

  • The World Would Be A Better Place If It Was A Farm : Zeke & Red
  • Unloved And Unclaimed : The Geer Sisters
  • Stamps : Bobby Bobo
  • Pepper Hot Baby : No Artist Credit
  • Cold Hearted Love : No Artist Credit
  • Don't Fetch It : Kentucky Boys
  • Only You : No Artist Credit
  • That Is The Makings Of Love : Phyllis & Billy Holmes
  • Lonesome & Heartbroken : Bobby Bobo
  • Today I Picked Roses : The Geer Sisters
  • Life's Railway To Heaven : Phyllis & Billy Holmes
  • The Mambo Queen : Rockin’ “Rudy” Hansen
  • A Little Feller Like Me : Kentucky Boys
  • Diddle Diddle Dumpling : No Artist Credit
  • Three Little Kisses : Phyllis & Billy Holmes
  • Menu Love : The Geer Sisters
  • I Walked Away : Rockin’ “Rudy” Hansen
  • Tried And Found Guilty : Ernie Lee
  • The Lord's A Busy Man : No Artist Credit
  • Doggone Long Gone Blues : Bobby Bobo
  • Cry Baby Cry : Rockin’ “Rudy” Hansen
  • It's My Destiny : No Artist Credit
  • My Little Pup With The Patent Leather Nose : Ernie Lee
  • Get Your Dad Burn Fingers Offa Me : Zeke & Red
  • My Sweet Love Ain't Around : Bobby Bobo
  • Shanghaid : The Geer Sisters
  • Saturday Jump : Rockin’ “Rudy” Hansen

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