Rex Allen - Cowpoke

Rex Allen Plays Cowpoke   on The Jimmy Dean Show.

"Cowpoke" by Rex Allen was written by Stan Jones and was first recorded and released by Elton Britt and The Skytoppers in 1951. Rex Allen released it on the audio single Cowpoke in 1951. It was also covered by Hank Williams Jr., David Houston, Eddy Arnold and 3 others.

Cowpoke Lyrics


I'm lonesome but happy

Rich but I'm broke

And the good Lord knows the reason

I'm just a cowpoke


From Cheyenne to Douglas

All the ranges I know

Cause I drift with the wind

No one cares where I go


Well I ain't got a dime

In these ol' wore out jeans

So I'll stop eating steak

And go back to beans


I'll pick up a ten spot

In Prescott I know

I'll ride in the broncs

In the big rodeo


Been down in the prairie

My pony and I

Hear the wail of the coyote

Hear his cry


Well next summer it's north

If there ain't a big drought

And as soon as it frosts

Well I'll be headed back south


I don't have no worries

I ain't got the time

I'm too busy living

This free life of mine


Some evening in springtime

A filly I'll find

And I might spend all summer

With her on my mind


But I'll never be branded

And never be broke

I'm a carefree, range riding

Drifting cowpoke


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