Spade Cooley Vol.1 (Live 1944-1946)

BACM 411 - Spade Cooley Vol.1 (Live 1944-1946)


These amazing air checks feature Cooley's classic Columbia Records-era band, with vocals by Tex Williams, Smokey Rogers, Colleen Summers (AKA, Mary Ford, later of the legendary Les Paul & Mary Ford recordings) and others. A particular highlight is the presence of steel guitar wizard Joaquin Murphey heard at his very best. The live setting gives Murphey, fiddling leader Spade and other instrumental stalwarts like electric guitarist Johnny Weis and accordionist George Bamby plenty of room to shine.

  • Shame On You
  • Swingin' The Devil's Dream (Instr.)
  • Please Don't Leave Me
  • Riverside Drive (Instr.)
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Take Me Back To Tulsa
  • Red Wing (Instr.)
  • My Confession
  • Oklahoma Hills
  • Limehouse Blues
  • I Wish I Knew
  • Listen To The Mockingbird (Instr.)
  • You Don't Love Me (But I'll Always Care)
  • Copenhagen (Instr.)
  • /My Adobe Hacienda
  • Yodelin' Polka (Instr.)
  • Born To Lose
  • The Campbells Are Comin' (Instr.)
  • Blues In My Mind
  • Blue Skies
  • Ida Red (Instr.)
  • You're Only In My Arms
  • Turn My Picture Upside Down
  • Lies (Instr.)
  • Hari Kari

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