Western Music Time (13-17 Dec 2017)

Opening theme

Texas Plains – Rex Allen Jr

Cowboy Blues – Gene Autry

Sons of the Pioneers Trios as they Changed Over Time(1930s – 1976)

When it’s Night Time in Nevada – Sons of the Pioneers in the 1930s fea Roy Rogers soloing (w Tim & Bob completing the trio). Roy left, Lloyd joined

He’s Gone up the Trail – Sons of the Pioneers fea Lloyd soloing (w Tim & Bob). Lloyd went into the armed services during WW 2 & was replaced by Ken Carson

There’s a New Moon Over My Shoulder - Sons of the Pioneers fea Ken Carson replacing Lloyd (w Tim & Bob)

You’ll be Sorry When I’m Gone  - Sons of the Pioneers fea Tim (w Carson & Nolan). Tim retired in 1949 & was replaced by Ken Curtis

Mexicali Rose – Sons of the Pioneers fea Ken Curtis

Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend) – Sons of the Pioneers fea Bob Nolan. Nolan retired soon after the group made this record, and he was replaced by Tommy Doss

Hillbilly Wedding in June – Bob Nolan & Tommy Doss

Outlaws – Sons of the Pioneers fea Tommy Doss. Dale Warren replaced Ken Curtis late in 1952.

Over the Santa Fe Trail - Sons of the Pioneers fea Dale Warren, 1956. RCA brought back Nolan, Perryman & Curtis in the mid- 50s

Hasta la Vista – Sons of the Pioneers 1957 w Nolan, Perryman & Curtis

I Still Do – Sons of the Pioneers w Lloyd, Tommy Doss & Dale Warren, 1963

Song of the Land I Love – Sons of the Pioneers including  Bill Cole with Dale Warren & Lloyd Perryman (recorded late in ’68)

Yippi-Yi Your Troubles Away - Sons of the Pioneers from a tv appearance in 1970. Fiddler Billy Armstrong was part of the trio w Dale & Lloyd.

When Payday Rolls Around - Sons of the Pioneers from 1976. The trio at the time was Rusty Richards, Dale Warren & Lloyd Perryman. 

Sons of the Pioneers Trios as they Changed Over Time, part 2 (1982 – 2012)

Cimarron (Roll On) - Sons of the Pioneers  1982, the trio was Dale, Rusty & Luther Nallie

Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie – Sons of the Pioneers 1982, the trio was Dale, Rusty & Luther. Narration by Rusty, solo by Luther)

Cowboy Jubilee – Sons of the Pioneers early 90’s (trio is Dale, Luther & Gary LeMaster)

This Ain’t the Same old Range - Sons of the Pioneers fea Gary LeMaster 94 with the Dale Warren & John Nallie joining Gary in trio harmony

Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo – Sons of the Pioneers 1999. Dale Warren starts it off, Gary takes 2nd solo,  lead singer John Nallie takes the 3rd solo and tenor Ken Lattimore takes the  last solo.

Don’t Fence Me In – Sons of the Pioneers 09 The trio consisted of Luther Nallie singing baritone, Ken Lattimore singing tenor and Randy Rudd singing lead.

Ridin’ Down the Canyon – Sons of the Pioneers 2012 fea Randy Rudd with Luther Nallie & Ken Lattimore.

Musical interludes in “non-musical” B-Western films

Skies over California – The Georgia Crackers in a Durango Kid film, Desert Vigilante

Hi Thar Stranger – Eddie Dean & The King’s Men in Renegade Trail (Hoppy)

On the Strings  of My Lonesome Guitar - Jimmy Wakely Trio in Stick to Your Guns (Hopalong Cassidy)

Get Along Bangtail – Ray Whitley & his Six Bar Cowboys from a Tim Holt film Cyclone on Horseback

Streets of Laredo – Ozie Waters & his Colo Rangers from Chas Starrett’s film, Phantom Valley

Streets of Laredo – Gene Autry ‘49

Western inspirational songs

Cowboy Camp Meetin’ – Sons of the Pioneers

Woodsman’s Prayer – The Reinsmen

Silver Spurs (on the Golden Stairs) - Gene Autry

The Touch of God’s Hand – Jimmy Wakely

The Master’s Call – Marty Robbins

Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy –Ken Curtis

Roundup in the Sky – Cass County Boys fea Jerry Scoggins

Closing theme

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