Wilf Carter - Hillbilly Valley

BACM 316 -Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - Hillbilly Valley. 

Wilfred Arthur Charles Carter (December 18, 1904 – December 5, 1996), professionally known as Wilf Carter in his native Canada and also as Montana Slim in the United States, was a Canadian Country and Western singer, songwriter, guitarist, and yodeller. Widely acknowledged as the father of Canadian country music, Carter was Canada's first country music star, inspiring a generation of young Canadian performers.

24 tracks from this authentic yodeling cowboy, Canada's answer to Jimmie Rodgers here with a collection of 30s/40s songs all written by him.

  • My Lulu
  • Dusty Trails
  • The Preacher and the Cow
  • Two Gun Cowboy
  • My Old Lasso Is Headed Straight for You
  • My Rambling Days Are
  • Just One More Ride
  • Twilight on the Prairie
  • Call of the Range
  • Midnight Train
  • The Tramp's Mother
  • My Brown Eyed Prairie Rose
  • Sundown Blues
  • Cowboy Blues
  • Hang the Key On the Bunkhouse Door
  • Sittin' By the Old Corral
  • Trail to Home Sweet Home
  • Returning to My Prairie Home
  • Hillbilly Valley
  • Ridin' a Maverick
  • Cowboy's Heavenly Dream
  • When It's Twilight Over Texas
  • Roundup In the Fall

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