Little Jimmy Dickens - Country Boy

Little Jimmy Dickens plays Country Boy  on Grand Ole Opry.

This song is by Little Jimmy Dickens and appears on the album I'm Little, But I'm Loud: The Little Jimmy Dickens Collection (1996).

Little Jimmy Dickens Country Boy Lyrics


Now, I'm just a simple guy

But there's one thing sure as shootin'

I hate those folks that think that they're

So doggone high fa lutin

I'd be the same in Hollywood

Or right in my own kitchen

I believe in fussin' when you're mad

And scratchin' when you're itchin'.


I'm a plain, old country boy

A corn-bread lovin' country boy

I raise cain on Saturday

But I go to church on Sunday

I'm a plain, old country boy

A corn-bread lovin' country boy

I'll be lookin' over that old grey mule

When the sun comes up on Monday.


Where I come from, opportunities, they never were too good

We never had much money, but we done the best we could

Ma doctored me from youngin-hood, with Epson salts and Iodine

Made my diapers out of old feed sacks, my 'spenders out of plow lines.


Every time the preacher called, Ma always fixed a chicken

If I'd reach for a drumstick, I was sure to get a lickin'

She always saved two parts for me, But I had to shut my mouth

T'was the gizzard and the North end of a chicken flyin' South.

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