Carlos Washington - Stay Hooked 2017

Tight swing with a grin you can hear, plenty of personality and the focus on entertainment!  That's the approachable performance platform from which Colorado's former professional PRCA bull rider and team penning champion Carlos Washington works, and it's winning him friends and followers big-time.  Something about the contemporary elements in the arrangements and production of his CD “Stay Hooked” seem to flow particularly nicely.  It's all there, yet not overbearing.


On this newest release, it's also nice to see he has covered some legitimately Western tracks that first rode the Country charts, so that they might come back into the Western recorded fold.  There's no reason to shy away from Toby Keith's “Should Have Been A Cowboy,” inspired when he and the band were lounging in a Dodge City nightspot and one of his guys was turned down for a dance by a local lass.  Returning to the table, the musician sighed “I shoulda been a cowboy” and history was made!  Or Lonestar's thoroughly Western Country hit “When Cowboy's Didn't Dance!”  Such examples show Western is still with us if you look for it.


One correction.  The track on Washington's CD incorrectly identified as “Cadillac Cowboy” is actually the late Chuck Pyle's “The Other Side Of The Hill.”  Eight tracks and a bonus ninth (I will never understand it)!  Recommended.  


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