Swinging Country Dec 9th

Howdy Friends I will start the show going back 44 Years ago this week. Honoring one of the most Historic Albums ever recorded Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys For the Last Time. 

I will play seven cuts you will hear vocals from Merle Haggard, Leon McAuliffe, Hoyle Nix, Jody Nix, Leon Rausch. 

The 14th Annual Rehab Big Country Christmas Ball is this Saturday Night in Snyder I will play 4 Songs getting you in the Mood and Spirit for Dancing and Christmas!!! From Bobby Flores. Three highly requested Christmas tunes from Ann Morton, Craig Murphy, Chuck Cusimano.

Next Rick Norcross & The ALL Star Ramblers, Craig Murphy, WillandTessa Banister = Will. Followed by Patriotic tunes from Bob Corley, Neal McCoy, Tim Atwood..

Thought provoking tunes from Donna Richard Lynch = Richard and Kenneth Goldsmith. A Double shot from fellow Award Winning Disc Jockey Judy James of Weatherford Texas. And closing out with Christmas tunes from Tony Booth, Frankie Miller, Diane Mccall, Carolyn Martin with Well Swung. Carl Vaughan. Please Share away with this post and Join Dena Wood & I on My Personal Facebook Time Line for SWING BACK during the Broadcastas you follow the how in pictures as you listen and participate in the Fun :) Till then May God Bless You & Yours!!!! Keep Swinging Country---

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