Tinker Tubb performs "Come On And Sing"on The Ernest Tubb Show.

Rare Video of Tinker Tubb. Performs the song "Come On And Sing" by Mel Tillis,is accompanied by the band of Tubb, "The Texas Troubadours"

"Tinker" is the nickname of Ernest Dale Tubb, Jr., who was born in 1956.

The song "Come On And Sing", appears in the album "Stateside" of Mel Tillis, released in 1966.

Mel Tillis Come On And Sing Lyrics

Come on and sing girl sing boy sing a happy song

Come on and sing girl sing boy this old world may not last long


Most everybody's doin' too much fighting and there's not enough singing going on

How many people have you ever seen fight while they were singing a song

Come on and sing...


Most everybody's mistreating one another just fight a personal game

But that wouldn't happen to the sisters and the brothers

When they hold back their heads and sing

Come on and sing...

[ ac. Guitar ]

Most everybody's doin' too much talking talking and they just get mad

So if all that talking's gonna make you unhappy why don't just seeing be glad

Come on and sing...

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