Swingin' West Holiday Party Dec 24th

 Swingin' West Holiday Party


Songs of the Season

Santa Boogie- Robin Deeter (West Texas Country) (Unknown)

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town- Bill & Mark Dessens (indie) (ASCAP)

Christmas for Cowboys- Barbara Nelson (indie) (ASCAP)

Songs of the Season

Rudolph Junior- Miller Brothers (4 Star) (Unknown)

I Wrote Your Name in the Frost on the Window- Terry Smith (Rhinestone Rooster) (BMI)

Cowboy Christmas Eve- Kip Calahan & Curly Musgrave (Timelesstyle) & (Cimarron Sounds) (ASCAP)

Mixed Grouping

Neely's Bend Quick Step- John England & Western Swingers (Lickety Split) (BMI)

Dance with the One who Brung Ya- Lone Star Troubadours (indie) (BMI)

Darling, Whaddaya Care?- Mary Allen-Keating & River Road Boys (indie) (Unknown)

Songs of the Season

Santa's Yodeling Song- Grace-Anne Elliot (indie) (BMI)

Even Santa Ought to Know- Judy DeRamus & the Jordanaires (Gospel Juke Box) (BMI)

We Wish you a Merry Christmas- Bobbe Seymour (Gold Star) (PD)


Wayfaring Stranger- Wallace Family (indie) (PD)

The Old Rugged Cross- John Hughey (John Hughey Music) (BMI)

Take My Hand Precious Lord- Joe Paul Nichols (Custom) (BMI)

Faded Love- Buzz Evans (indie) (BMI)


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