If That Ain't Country Dec 25

Conway Twitty - I'm So Used To Loving You

In this episode, we're featuring a fabulous Conway Twitty compilation/sampler: "I'm So Used To Loving You" (1973). This is no ordinary sampler, however - it features 10 tracks from Conway's best and most country period (in my opinion) 1968-1973, all but one of which were written by Conway himself - and NONE of which were released as singles. Astoundingly, you feel like you've discovered buried treasure as you peruse these album cuts that you may never have heard before, all of it honky tonk gold, complete with fiddles, steel guitar and the requisite songs about love, loss, cheating, drinking, lying and dying. The quality of this release just underscores how much of a country hitmaker Conway Twitty was: highlights include the country weepers "Heartache Just Walked In" and "Table In The Corner", the regret-tinged "I Told My World To Go Away (And She Did)", and a tip of the hat, perhaps, to his rock 'n' roll roots in "One For The Money". VERY highly recommended.

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