Swinging Country Dec 30th

Howdy Friends & Fans around the Globe I will start the show Swinging with a Double Shot from Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys. Have Pen & Paper ready for Sweetwater Event!!!

Then the Hank Tribute begins with songs inspired by Hank from Kenneth Goldsmith, Rick Norcross & The ALL Star Ramblers w/ a Hank remake! & A Double shot from Moe Bandy.

Next group Hank 111, Hank Jr., Hank Sr. then my Co Host Jake Penrod. Jake & I will visit then a group of tunes from Hank Jr. A Double shot from Hank Sr. Inc a Very Poor Audio Quality tune called Last Letter the significance is his earliest recording! And one from Jake. Jake & I will visit some more Next 4 songs include Hank Sr., Artie Hill, Jake Penrod & Joey Allcorn. another from Hank Sr. The next Nine Songs will be from Hank Sr. Jake & I will visit about those song & the year they were recorded. Followed by Three From Hank recorded under the Name Luke The Drifter we will discuss the reasons behind that :) 

Closing it out Two remakes Performed by My Co Host Jake Penrod followed by a 1/1/ 1953 Radio Recording Announcing the Death of Hank Williams including a Gospel tune from Hank I'm Bound For The Promised Land. 

Friends Hank "Officially" Passed Away January 1 1953 @ The age of only 29 Monday Jan 1 2018 will mark 65 Years since his passing. NO One has had More Impact on not only Country Music but American Music in general than Hank. My Original Saying Good Music Never Has an Expiration Date is proved in the fact Not only that Hank is still Popular and Loved but his Songs are still being recorded in Just about every Genera of Music many times every year and I would Bet always will be. In My Personal Opinion he's The Greatest Male Song Writer who ever lived. 

As you listen to the Show follow along in Pictures of the Artist our Sponsors and more. Join in comment make friends with Fans around the World on My Personal Facebook Time Line Billy Bowles Look for My post SWING BACK join Dena Wood & I as it unfolds. Till then Please Share away with this Post. May God Bless You & Yours Keep Swinging Country---

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