Smilin' Eddie Hill - Mountain Jam

BACM 581 - Smilin' Eddie Hill - Mountain Jam 

Friendly-voiced Eddie Hill was a pioneering country music DJ, nowadays best remembered for his compering at WSM-Nashville and the WLAC-TV Country Junction show. But he was also a prolific recording artist, recording for Decca, Mercury, RCA and Columbia. Bear Family and Cattle Records have issued selections of his recordings and we’ve put ‘The best of the rest’on this BACM compilation. Hill always had top session men on his recordings (hear Chet Atkins and Grady Martin trading licks on Educated Fool; and Johnny & Jack doing the vocals alongside Eddie’s recitations on the 1947 tracks). Some hilarious comedy numbers including a spoof country version of Jack & The Beanstalk, name-checking Hank Snow and Chet Atkins among others!) An enjoyable hours’ feel-good-country-listening.

  • Full Time Job
  • Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet
  • Afraid
  • Baby My Heart
  • Daddy You Know What
  • Buckshot
  • Hit And Run Lover
  • I Changed My Mind And I'll Go Home Again
  • I Cried In My Dream Last Night
  • There's No Housing Shortage In Heaven
  • I'm Gonna Be A Loser Again
  • I'm Worried
  • Jole Blon
  • Lord Watch Over My Daddy (With Johnny Wright & Jack Anglin)
  • Love In The First Degree (With Johnny Wright & Jack Anglin)
  • Move Over (With Billie Morgan)
  • Presswood The Giant Killer
  • Salty Dog Rag
  • Sing Tom Kitty
  • Stolen Love
  • Four Or Five Times
  • Mountain Jam
  • Same Old Dream About You
  • Smack Dab In The Middle
  • Fire Ball Eight
  • Educated Fool
  • Unredeemed Diamonds
  • Monkey Business

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