Elvis Presley performs "Love Me Tender"Live on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Elvis Presley performs "Love Me Tender"Live on The Ed Sullivan Show 1956.

"Love Me Tender" is a 1956 song recorded by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music from the 20th Century Fox film of the same name. The words and music are credited to Ken Darby under the pseudonym "Vera Matson", the name of his wife, and Elvis Presley. The RCA Victor recording by Elvis Presley was no. 1 on both the Billboard and Cashbox charts in 1956. The song was adapted from the tune of "Aura Lee", a sentimental Civil War ballad. The song is also featured in many other films such as FM, Touched By Love, This is Elvis, Porky's Revenge, Wild at Heart, Die Hard 2, Honeymoon in Vegas, Backbeat, Gaudi Afternoon, Machine Gun Molly, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, William Eggleston in the Real World, California Dreamin', Love in Space, Devil's Due, Just Before I Go, and 90 Minutes in Heaven.


Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender Lyrics


Love me tender,

Love me sweet,

Never let me go.

You have made my life complete,

And I love you so.


Love me tender,

Love me true,

All my dreams fulfilled.

For my darlin I love you,

And I always will.


Love me tender,

Love me long,

Take me to your heart.

For it's there that I belong,

And well never part.


Love me tender,

Love me dear,

Tell me you are mine.

Ill be yours through all the years,

Till the end of time.


(when at last my dreams come true

Darling this I know

Happiness will follow you

Everywhere you go).

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