Swinging Country Jan 13th

The MOST Anticipated & Awaited Radio program for REAL Traditional Country Music, Western Swing & Western Music Artist, Bands, Fans & Musicians to date this year!!! As once again Swinging Country will be The First to Announce to the World The Top 5 Finalist in ALL Three Genres. In each Female, Male, Song, Album, & Duo / Group. There are many nominations in each one Disc Jockeys around the World have voted it down to the Top 5. Best Wishes to ALL Nominees!!!

Howdy Friends & Fans I Swing out the gate with one from Coby Carter followed by one from Brady Honeycutt then have you Pen and Paper ready for Important information through out the entire program!!! Next with an Original from Kenneth Goldsmith & a request to him :) Coming to Sweetwater, TX Sat 2/3/18 Jason Roberts & His AWA Award winning Band hear a Double shot! And the long awaited announcements begin to include Top 5 Songs to be played in essence announcing themselves of course I will back sell them :) I will also announce the Top 5 Finalist for Instrumentalist and Young Artist. ALL This leading up to The 22nd Annual The Academy of Western Artist WIll Rogers Awards March 15 In Fort Worth, Texas at Texas Christian University Brown - Lupton Ballroom. Also on this weeks episode I will Rebroadcast one of the Interviews with The Midnight Cowboy Bill Mack who will be Awarded the Coveted Lifetime Achievement Award!!! This particular interview is very special to me listen & you will understand :) Afterward a Tune from Bill Mack. Attention The Award Show Will be Taped for Television Broadcast on RFD'S Cowboy Channel @ A later Date's to be announced and Hosted by This Year's AWA Emcee Penny Gilley Stanglin of The Penny Gilley Show on RFD. I will finish the Show out with Gospel Music from Penny. For Awesome Advertising Promotion in The AWA Award Program or The 22nd Annual Award Show Television Broadcast Call Me Billy B @ 806-773-2723 So Please Share this message far & wide. Join Cathy Whitten & I as the Awaited News unfolds :) Join Dena Wood & I on My Personal Facebook Time line and watch the Show in pictures as it is happening!!! Till then May God Bless You & Yours Keep Swinging Country---

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