Swingin' West Jan 14th,Truck Driving and Open Road Songs Western Swing Style

Truck Driving and Open Road Songs Western Swing Style


Six Days on the Road- Rawstin (CD- Back 2 Back Texas Country)

Tankful of Shine- Rich Lester (CD- Tankful of Shine)

Interstate 65 North- Bobbe Seymour (CD- Live in Nashville)


Truck Drivin' Man- Loyd Jones Band (Vocal- Bill Pray) (Jay Riley- Steel) (CD-Jay Riley- Bandstand Buddies- Vol.5)

My First Car was a Truck- David E. Young (West Texas Country) (CD- I'm Not Home on the Range)

Highway 28- Calvin Vollrath (Canadian Import) (CD- Just for the Swing of it)

Texas Songs

Miles and Miles of Texas- Wild River Band (Vocal- Mike Stroup) (CD- Live at Dan Electro's)

Night Coach Out of Dallas- Jake Hooker (Startex) (CD- Lost Along the Way)

Roundup Time on the Rio Grande- Gadzukes! (Vocal- Nancy Thorwardson) (CD- New & Used)

Western Concert

Charming Billy, Billy The Kid- Frank Fara & Patty Parker (Comstock) (CD- Single)

Cottonwood Tree- Keeter Stuart (CD- Ghost Riders, Searchers & Cowpokes)

Welcome Home Miss Bryant- Sons of the Pioneers (From 1945-Republic Movie- "Utah") (CD- It Was Always the Music)


Truck Driver's Ride- Speedy West (1953 TE Ford Radiozark) (Country Routes) (UK Import) (CD- Tennessee Ernie Ford)

A Grill, A Bumper, 4 Headlights and a $50 Bill- Rick & the Ramblers (Airflyte) (CD- I Rode the Ti)

Trucks Driver's Blues- Curio Cowboys (Ruido) (CD- A Tribute to Ted Daffan)

Maiden's Prayer- Jenee Keener (AMG) (CD- The Fiddlist)

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