New cd of Ron Christopher, entitled "Outside The Fence"

Story telling lyrics and a voice evocative of Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash. Ron Christopher is a singer/songwriter you will enjoy for hours!

An eclectic mix of 14 new, entirely original cowboy ,country and legend songs by Ron Christopher done in his trade mark style!

Can be purchased on CD Baby (about $13)

 i tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play. 

  • He Called You Trigger
  • May You Always Find a Way to Be a Cowboy
  • American Farmer
  • Sonora
  • Takes More Than a Hat to Be a Cowboy
  • Outside the Fence
  • The Iron Mistress
  • Dakota
  • Old Friend
  • Los Gusano Rojo
  • Nathan Bordeaux
  • Line in the Sand
  • Lone Wolf
  • Francesca and the Outlaw Joaquin

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