Swinging Country Jan 20th,special Billy Mata "This is Tommy Duncan Trilogy"

Proudly the First with a indepth look & listen into Billy Mata's This is Tommy Duncan Trilogy with Billy himself join us as we give you a good preview into the project and three part History of the Music Career of Tommy Duncan. Western Swing Fans you do not want to miss this one!!! 

Howdy Friends & Fans I start the show Swinging with tunes from AWA Finalist Bret Daniel = Bret Raper followed by Rick Norcross & The ALL Star Ramblers. Next group will be one ea. from Rocky King, Leddy Taylor Bragg, Will Banister. Then a Double Shot from Jason Roberts followed by Double Shots from Kenneth Goldsmith and Landon Dodd. I will be discussing AWA Pre Awards Jams Award Show and much more HAVE PEN AND PAPER READY!!!!! 

The rest of the episode will be Dedicated to The Tommy Duncan Trilogy with Billy Mata & I :) A special Thank you to Billy Mata & Members of the Duncan Family who agreed to this First tribute look quite some time ago. I Pray you ALL will enjoy it. 

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Join us Saturday Mornings when Dena Wood & Sidekicks Vicki Kunetka & I bring you the program sponsors events and more in Pictures and join us in conversation World Wide!!! Till then May God Bless You & Yours. Keep Swinging Country---

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