Swinging Country Jan 27th,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends & Fans I will start continuing with the momentum generated last week with Billy Mata as we covered the story of the Tommy Duncan Trilogy by playing three more cuts off volume 3 Featuring Billy Jason Roberts, Leon Rausch, Billy & Victor Mata. 

As Valentines Day gets closer I'll offer some Love Songs from Shane Vandiver, A New release from Jimmy Parker, Jake Cauley Buckshot, Levi Mullen. Kenneth Goldsmith.

As a Truly Authentic Country program I will also spin some love gone wrong tunes from Chuck Cusimano, Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Cathy Whitten.

Next it is My Spotlight Featured Artist Jason Roberts Jason & I will visit about Sweetwater VFW Dance Feb. 3 and News from The Prestigious Cowtown Society of Western Music and more as well as Three Awesome tunes!!!

Next group will feature Darrell McCall, Johnny Bush, Elizabeth-Justin Trevino. Then a round from Donna Richard Lynch, Leon Rausch, Lonnie Spiker. Followed by Josh Vincent, Myra Rolen, Kristyn Harris & Devon Dawson.

Next up New release from Ken Garrett & Diane Mccall, Tom Smith Booger Swamp Rhythm Section, James Darden.

I've had tech problems online today so my internet access could be hit & miss a Tech is coming to fix it next Tuesday till then pray for the best. So please help me share this post. Join Dena Wood Hopefully Me & Vicki Kunetka, & no telling who else Saturday mornings for SWING BACK as you watch the show unfold in pictures and visit with friends and make New friends. Till Then May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country-

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