Roy Rogers performs "Texas Plains"Live Video.

Roy Rogers performs "Yours"Live Video

Texas Plains lyrics

Down in my dreams somehow it seems

that i'm back where i belong

just a country hick way back in the stick

back where i was born

cause the city lights and the city ways

are drivin' me insane

i wanna be alone i wanna be back home

out on the texas plains

I wanna drink my java from an old tin can

while the moon comes shinin' high

i wanna hear the call of a whipoorwill

i wanna hear a coyote whine

i wanna feel my saddle horse between my legs

just riding him out on the range

just to kick him in the sides let him show

his step and pride out on the texas plains

I wanna hear the thunder as it goes and rolls

i wanna feel the rain in my face

just a thousand miles from the city lights

living a cowboy ways

i wanna sleep at night beneath the stars above

with that whole moon shinin' down

i wanna cook my grabbel with catfish skulls

fifty miles from town

i wanna drink my java...

Sometime soon i'm goin' back back

where the skies are blue

in a little house just built for two

back where my dreams come true

well i'm tired of subways

and the forty story shacks

i'm tradin' the wide open range

i wanna go back, please take me back

out on the texas plains


i wanna drink my java...

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