Barbara Fairchild - The Teddy Bear Song

The Teddy Bear Song

Barbara Fairchild performs "The Teddy Bear Song",live video.

"The Teddy Bear Song" is a 1973 single written by Don Earl and Nick Nixon, and made famous by country music vocalist Barbara Fairchild. Released in December 1972, the song was Fairchild's only No. 1 song on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart in March 1973.The song also became a modest pop hit, peaking at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 in June 1973.

Barbara Fairchild Teddy Bear Song Lyrics 

I wish I had button eyes and a red felt nose

A shaggy cotton skin and just one set of clothes

Sittin' on a shelf in a local department store

With no dreams to dream and nothin' to be sorry for


I wish I was a teddy bear

Not livin' or lovin' nor goin' nowhere

I wish I was a teddy bear

And I'm wishin' that I hadn't fallen in love with you


I wish I had a wooden heart and a sawdust mind

Then your mem'ry wouldn't come around hurtin' all the time

I'd have a sewed-on smile and a painted twinkle in my eye

And I never would have ever had to learn how to cry


I wish I had a string you could pull to make me say

Hi, I'm Teddy-ain't it a lovely day?

Then I'd know every time I spoke the words were right

And none would know the mess I made of my life


And I'm wishin' that I hadn't fallen in love with you

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