Barbara Mandrell performs "Midnight Angel",Live on Pop Goes The Country

Barbara Mandrell performs "Midnight Angel",Live on Po Goes The Country.

Midnight Angel is the sixth studio album by American country music singer, Barbara Mandrell, released in October 1976.

Like Barbara's previous album, Midnight Angel was not as successful as future releases. However, the album set the stage for her future recordings under the label. Only one single was released, "Midnight Angel", which peaked at #16 on the Top Country Singles chart. The album also peaked at #24 on the Top Country Albums chart. With her second album under ABC/Dot, the subject matter of her songs got sexier, as exemplified in "Pillow Pleasure", "Slippin' Around Again", and the pop-tinged "I Never Said I Love You." The album's closing track, "Married But Not to Each Other", was later released as a single after its inclusion on Lovers, Friends, & Strangers the next year. Like Barbara's previous album, This Is Barbara Mandrell, Midnight Angel, also consisted of 11 tracks.


Barbara Mandrell Midnight Angel lyrics

There's a place in every bar room

And a verse in every song

For a woman trapped and lonely

By a man that's done her wrong


Now I know it won't be easy

Cause i'm not the easy kind

But i need someone to hold me

Or i'm gonna loose my mind


Is there room for another Midnight Angel

Are there words for another hurtin song

Is there room for another midnight angel

If there is i'm betting (ooooooh)

I'll have my wings berfore the morning comes


Now I thought that neon nightmares

Were like Sunday sermon scares

Till I turn to face the man i loved

And found a pillow there

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