Bill Anderson And Jan Howard performs "For Loving You"

"For Loving You" is a 1967 duet by Bill Anderson and Jan Howard. The single was the duo's most successful release. "For Loving You" went to number one on the country charts in four weeks and spent 20 weeks on the chart.


A year later, Skeeter Davis and Don Bowman charted a cover version which went to number 72 on the same chart.

Bill Anderson and Jan Howard - For Loving You Lyrics


For loving you my life is so much richer

You've given so much to live for and I never really lived before before loving you

(For loving you)

[ Jan ]

And for loving you my faith is a little stronger

For a world that could give you to me couldn't be as bad as it's made out to be

There was good there I just could never see before loving you

(For loving you for needing you but most of all for loving you for needing you)

[ Jan ]

And for needing you I feel a whole lot stronger

For there's a strength that comes from knowing you need to give up yourself

And darling I gave so much of myself loving you (for losing you)

[ Bill ]

And now I'm losing you and I'm a sadder lonelier man 

Than I ever thought any man could be

But even in my loneliness even as I walk the hunting trail of memory

Even for all the pain that I'm feeling right now

Never once will I ever regret having had the chance of loving you (loving you)

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