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Music · 03/23/2020
“Loving Blind”, a song written and recorded by Clint Black for the RCA label, in August 1990, was recorded between three studios: Digital Services, Houston, Texas; Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee; Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, California At the recording session for the song and album, Clint was accompanied by: Martin Young (guitar and background vocal), Hayden Nicholas (guitar), Jeff Peterson (steel), Jake Willeman (bass guitar and background vocal), Dick Gay (drums and percussion), Jeff Husk
Music · 10/14/2019
“Killin 'Time”, a song written by Clint Black and Hayden Nicholas, was recorded by Clint Black, in early 1989, between the studios: House Of David, Nashville, TN, Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, TN, Woodland Studios, Nashville, TN and Reflections Studio, Nashville, TN, in the recording session of the album, Clint was accompanied by: Hayden Nicholas (guitar and background vocals), Jeff Peterson (steel and dobro), Jake Willemain (bass), Dick Gay (drums) and John Permenter (fiddle). With the produc