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Music · 04/10/2020
This video is a rare one of Jimmy Wakely who appeared as a guest on the Lawrence Welk TV show in 1964. If you are familiar with the show from that era, you may recognize Myron Floren playing accordion, Aladdin and Bob Lido playing violins, the Lennon Sisters in the background, Bobby & Barbara (dancers, seated) and possibly others, e.g. Neal LeVang playing guitar.
reviews · 01/13/2020
Rex Allen used to say that, in his opinion, Jimmy Wakely was the most underrated singer in Hollywood. You can hear the reasons Rex held Wakely in such high regard in this collection of 84 recordings, including all of his 24 hits and a variety of music (he was popular in the pop field as well as in the western and country genres). His Number 1 hits with Margaret Whiting are here, as are songs from his movie days, beginning with his 1940 recording of “Cimarron (Roll On)” with the Jimmy Wakely Tri
Music · 04/26/2018
James Clarence Wakely (February 16, 1914 – September 23, 1982), was an American actor and country Western music vocalist, and one of the last singing cowboys. During the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, he released records, appeared in several B-Western movies with most of the major studios, appeared on radio and television and even had his own series of comic books. His duet singles with Margaret Whiting from 1949–51 produced a string of top seven hits, including 1949's number one hit on the US country