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Music · 11/03/2019
"Jim, Jack, and Rose", a song written by Larry Kingston, was recorded by Johnny Bush for the Stop Records label, was recorded on September 23 and 24, 1969, between Bradley's Barn, Bender's Ferry Road, Mount Juliet and Music City Recorders, 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN. With the production of Pete Drake and Tommy Hill, the song was released in November 1969. In the U.S Hot Country Songs charts It reach number # 56. The song was included in Johnny Bush's fifth studio album, Bush Country (Stop R
Music · 02/17/2018
TruCountry is a half-hour show featuring singers and songwriters from the traditional genre of country music. A singer/songwriter in her own right and producer of the TruCounty show Heather Myles says, ”America has spoken! People are tired of what they are seeing on TV and hearing on the radio that doesn’t even resemble real country music! I was raised on a ranch in Southern California and miss the kind of shows my brother and I grew up on... I like to think of TruCountry as a Lawrence Welk Sho