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Music · 02/06/2018
"Twelfth Street Rag" is a ragtime musical composition published by Euday L. Bowman in 1914. Years earlier, a friend of Bowman's known only as "Raggedy Ed" declared his intention to open a pawn shop on 12th Street while the two were walking along it. Bowman is rumored to have said "If you get rich on those three balls, I'll write a piece on three notes to make myself rich."The result was "The 12th Street Rag," one of the most famous and best-selling rags of the ragtime era.
Leon Rhodes, one of the most famous Texas Troubadours,died on Saturday, December 9th. Rhodes first joined Tubb's already hot band in 1960, putting a stop to a game of musical chairs that had been going on in the lead guitar spot. Steel guitar whiz Buddy Emmons was actually playing lead as a stopgap when Rhodes was hired. In relief, Emmons sat back at his main axe and the two men instantly established a superb level of sympathetic interplay, breezily tossing honky tonk and bebop licks back and f