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Music · 10/09/2019
Leona Williams In 1975, she joined Merle Haggard’s show, initially as a backing vocalist. However, when Haggard divorced Bonnie Owens, she not only became the featured vocalist but on 7 October 1978, she also became the third Mrs Haggard. They combined to write several songs and recorded an album together but the marriage soon proved turbulent. In 1978, they had a number 8 US country hit with ‘The Bull And The Beaver’ but in 1983, when the marriage ended, they appeared in the charts with the app
Music · 02/23/2018
Leona Williams was destined to become a Country Music Entertainer. She landed her first radio show at the age of 15, simply called "Leona Sings" in Jefferson City, Missouri. That journey would take her all over the world and allow her to sing before thousands and thousands of Country Music fans. Leona moved to Nashville in the late 1960s from a small town in Missouri called Vienna, and was soon recording for Hickory Records with such hits as “Once More” and “Yes Ma'am, He Found Me In A Honky Ton